Goddess Moon Circle
November 23, 2019 – Amesbury, MA 3:00 -6:00 PM

Since ancient times, people have gathered together around the cycles of the moon to celebrate and harness the energies each phase brings. The light of the Full Moon offers illumination and clear vision to witness our lives from a higher perspective; to shed our limiting beliefs and outworn patterns and move forward in a brand new light. The darkness of the New Moon offers pure potential and possibility to create what we truly desire in our lives.

Join us for an evening of community, healing and FUN aligned with the energy the moon. Learn how and why to work with the cycles of the moon, what the astrology of this month’s moon means for YOU, and how to integrate and infuse this energy into your everyday life. Hold space for one another to speak up about our challenges, our triumphs, and our hopes and dreams, in a welcoming and supportive community of women.

Please feel free to bring a journal to write down any messages you receive during the meditation and sound healing, as well as any crystals you’re currently working with!

The address is 21 Water Street, Amesbury, MA 01913. We are located in the Carriage Mills Building on Water Street, on the 2nd Floor, inside The Way To Balance. Enter the building through the main entrance, and take the elevator to the second floor, then turn left and walk to the end of the hall; we are at the end of the hall. There is a large, FREE parking lot right in front of the Carriage Mills Building, as well as several other free lots throughout downtown Amesbury. If you need help finding us, call or text Veronica at (717) 377-5166.

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