about v.1

Hi, I’m Veronica! I am an Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner, Artist,
and Transformational Coach.

My offerings include intuitive energy healing , tarot & oracle card readings, and coaching. My sessions are often a combination of energy healing and coaching; I incorporate a variety of tools and techniques including the Energy of Life (EOL)® Healing Process, working with crystals, sound & color frequencies, BioMorphic Geometry™, the Rings of Oden™ and more, with holistic coaching techniques to empower my clients to move past their blocks, shift into a higher vibrational state, and release what’s preventing them from living their best life.

My goal, and my privilege in doing this work, is to help people re-connect with their authentic selves, find their purpose, and make positive changes in their lives.

Besides working with amazing clients, here is me in a nutshell:

  • Give me sunshine and 85 degrees every day!
  • So many houseplants, my house is turning into a jungle (secret dream is to turn my house into a butterfly garden/aviary)
  • Can’t live without the ocean
  • Must pet all the dogs!
  • Very Aquarius
  • Only reads non-fiction
  • 4 a.m. Sadhana every. damn. day.
  • Vegan for 12+ years and counting (but won’t shame you or convince you to go vegan)

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