Leo New Moon & Lionsgate 8/8 Portal

There’s a lot of energy in the cosmos right now… can you feel it? We are in the midst of today’s (or tomorrow’s, depending on where you are on the planet) is the New Moon in Leo, as well as the opening of the Lionsgate Portal, which will reach it’s zenith next Thursday, August 8th (8/8).

It’s a powerful time for cleansing, clearing, and setting new intentions for the coming weeks and months.

The past several weeks, since the inception of 2019’s Eclipse Season at the beginning of July, has been…ahem, intense. We have been stretched, twisted and wrung-out by the Universe, pushing us to release every last drop of whatever negative or limiting beliefs we were holding.

We’ve been through the wringer, but now we’re ready to bring in new energy – higher vibrations that resonate with the upgrades we’ve received during this energetic period.

Here are some key words/concepts to incorporate during this Leo New Moon and Lionsgate Portal:


There is a collective energy moving through us right now – the understanding that we truly are all One is being brought forward to be felt and experienced on a more visceral level. You may be experiencing heightened sensitivity to the people around you, feel emotionally overwhelmed, or be swinging back-and-forth between highs and lows.

When you see someone crying, do you suddenly feel the urge to cry, too? The interconnections between all beings is super-heightened right now as we absorb and incorporate the cosmic energy currently beaming down upon Earth from Sirius, our “spiritual sun”.

I pulled some cards this morning to provide some insight for navigating this time of powerful energetic shifts:

What energy is currently being expressed?

The shadow cast over the New Moon creates a dark night sky, but Moonflower shines brightly. This period of energetic upheaval can be very difficult for some, bringing up deeply-buried wounds and shadows to be cleansed and released. Darkness of the mind, heart, and spirit can bring forth feelings of loneliness and despair. If you are experiencing those feelings, look for the light – in your friends, family and neighbors, in solitude, in Nature – it’s there, you just have to look. And if you’re not feeling the darkness, BE the light for someone who needs it. Shine brightly. Offer you unique gifts and talents in whatever way you can to help someone else navigate the darkness. Be a lighthouse; the light that shines in the darkness.

What energy is currently being initiated?

Full Moon
Interestingly, the energy that is currently being initiated with this New Moon is the Full Moon – and maybe that isn’t so strange, because it is the start of a new cycle of the moon, after all!

The Full Moon is a time of seeing and knowing all the ways in which we’ve allowed the our shadow to infiltrate our minds and hearts. The light of the moon illuminates the shadows so we can consciously set the intention and do the work to clear and heal, allowing us to evolve to our highest current potential.

Being that it is currently a New Moon, this energy will be growing in intensity over the next 15 days, reaching its culmination with the Aquarius Full Moon on August 15. The intentions we set now will be solidified by the time of the Full Moon if we remain conscious and take steps toward bringing them into manifestation.

What energy is currently being transformed?

Stargate of Orion
On August 8, the day the Lionsgate Portal is fully opened, the constellation of Orion’s Belt aligns with Sirius (and the Pyramids of Giza!).

During this alignment, Earth receives a cosmic landslide of higher frequencies, awakening higher consciousness, spiritual ascension, and accelerated psychic awareness.

All the intense feelings you may have been experiencing recently – the heightened emotions, sudden mood swings, and increased sensitivity – are due in part to this cosmic alignment and the portal opening.

This time of heightened senses is also very positive, initiating huge energetic shifts and powerful awakenings. You can tap into these frequencies by doing practices to open your Third Eye Chakra, as well as any practices that focus on feeling your Divine Oneness and letting go of illusions of separation.

As this period of intense energy draws to a close, with the endings of eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde today (7/31), as well as the completion of the Lionsgate Portal activation, we’ll begin to feel a renewed sense of inspiration, creativity, and willpower to drive our actions forward. This energetic shift begins a new cycle and period of forward momentum, in which we can use and incorporate our learnings and experiences from this potent period.

What lesson are we learning and incorporating at this time?

The overarching ‘theme’ or lesson of this period – spanning over the past few months, as well as into the next few – is Self Discovery. We are being called to move into deep inquiry, asking and answering honestly, “what am I allowing in my life that isn’t in alignment with my soul’s truth?”

We may be in relationships, working in jobs, or moving through our lives, in ways that are not in absolute alignment with who we are at the soul level. This period of intense energies has challenged us to let go of those things, either by offering opportunities to move on from those people or situations, or by removing them for us. You may have experienced abrupt endings or changes that seemed “out of nowhere”, and it may have been very painful… but ultimately, these experiences were offered up to get us back into absolute alignment.

The authentic expression of our core Self is what the Universe is calling us to do, and if we have the courage and commitment to answering the call, our manifestations are that much more powerful.

During this period of transformation and shedding, ask where you can be more true. More real. More YOU.

And then DO IT.

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