What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a broad term that describes a wide variety of tools and techniques used to influence or manipulate the flow of energy in the body. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of energy healing modalities, many of which date back to pre-history, and can be found in nearly every culture and civilization around the globe. Some of the more commonly known are Reiki and Pranic healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Feng Shui, and Ayurveda. Some tools commonly used in energy healing are medicinal herbs, essential oils and plant essences, and crystals or stones.

While the techniques for implementing these various modalities and tools may differ, they all share the common goal of improving your overall well-being and supporting you in your own healing process. Thusly, Energy Healing is anything done with the intention of positively affecting the flow of energy in the body to restore it to its optimal function.

I have received training in multiple tools and modalities including Reiki, the Energy of Life® Integrative Healing Process (EOL®), Rings of Oden® and BioMorphic Geometry®; I also use crystals, color and sound frequencies, essential oils, oracle cards, and more.

In my Reiki & Rebalance sessions, I use crystals and Reiki energy to 1) remove any energy from the aura or field that is not helpful (i.e. stress or negativity), 2) increase the body’s energy flow by clearing and charging the chakras, and 3) channel positive energy into the body that is needed for healing to occur.

By removing blockages and stagnant energies, the body is less encumbered and more able to heal itself, an ability that is inherently encoded in the body’s blueprint. Think about it: when you fall and cut your knee, you don’t have to think about healing the cut in order for healing to occur – the body takes care of that on its own. You do, however, set the stage for healing to occur – you wash the injured area to clear off dirt and debris, apply a healing ointment to prevent infection, and wrap it in a bandage to protect it and allow the skin cells to grow and repair.

Your energetic body works in the same way – think of energy healing as metaphysical first aid! An energy healing practitioner removes stuck energy (washing the wound), brings in positive healing energy (applying the ointment), and creates a protective energetic shield (bandaging the wound).

It’s pretty simple when you think of it in these terms, don’t you think?!

I hope that helps explain what energy healing is, and how it works! I’d love to hear what you think, and if you have another way of explaining these concepts. Drop me a line or leave a comment below!

If you’d like to experience a Reiki & Rebalance session yourself, you can book directly on my Facebook page or contacting me to find a date and time that works.

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