Intuitive Healing Session
1 hr – *BY DONATION*
Suggested donation $40 – $60

I believe healing should be accessible to EVERYONE, so I’m offering healing sessions by donation. I’m suggesting $40 – $60, but give what you can afford and believe to be a fair energetic exchange for the service I provide.

I also believe we all have the inherent ability to heal ourselves, whether we’re aware of it or not. As such, healing sessions with me are a co-creative process. By holding space and guiding you through the session, I facilitate empowered self-healing using a
variety of tools and techniques.

Depending on your unique situation, I may feel intuitively guided to use crystals, aromatherapy, sound & color frequencies, Biomorphic Geometry and more, to help you break down your blocks, shift into a higher vibrational state and release anything preventing you from living your best life.

Add a 15-minute Crystal Healing to any session for $15!

Click here to view my availability and book a session.

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